Important Words in Logos 8

As you well know, words are the building blocks of Scripture. If we’re going to study or exegete a passage we have to examine words. Perhaps in an ideal world we would thoroughly explore every word in the text. If, however, we’re only going to dig deep on some words, the question becomes, which ones?.

While there’s certainly no definitive answer that applies equally to all passages, there’s a new feature in Logos 8 that may offer some guidance.

It’s called Important Words and here’s how it works:

  • Choose Guides | Passage Guide (A)

  • Type a passage like Acts 1:8 in the Reference box (B)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the report
  • Expand the Important Words section if it isn’t already (C)
  • Notice a list of lemmas (dictionary forms of words) in the section (D)
  • Remember these facts as you work with Important Words:
    • Logos searches ALL of the commentaries in its vast catalog, not just the ones you own
    • Logos identifies all of the Hebrew/Greek lemmas discussed in the commentaries
    • Logos lists the most frequently discussed lemmas found in commentaries covering the passage under study

Using the facts just listed, the Greek lemma meaning witness is the most frequently discussed Greek lemma in commentaries for Acts 1:8! (E)

As you can see, the Guide section, Important Words, is not based on grammar, discourse, or theology, but rather frequency of discussion in commentaries. So with this in mind, use it to examine lemmas most often mentioned in commentaries or even go the other route and examine words commentators perhaps overlook!

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