Holman Christian Standard Bible NT is Now an Interlinear*

At Camp Logos I discuss the reverse interlinear feature in great detail. Then very frequently I receive this question from students: When is the interlinear coming to the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)? Well, I’m happy to report that Faithlife has provided Logos Now subscribers with a New Year’s treat. The interlinear is now available in the New Testament of the HCSB! That means all of the features you’re accustomed to enjoying in the ESV, NASB, LEB, and other Bibles are now present in the HCSB.

*Please note this feature is only available to Logos Now subscribers.

One aspect of the interlinear that I personally enjoy is the referent dataset what tags mentions of biblical people, places, and things regardless of the words used to reference them. For example, let’s say we want to do a character study on the man Barnabas, the encourager in the Bible. One part of our research is to locate all mentions of the man and then analyze the results looking for personality traits, habits, characteristics, etc.

One way to find such results is with a right mouse person search. Try this:

  • Open the HCSB to a verse mentioning Barnabas such as Acts 4:36 (A)
  • Right click on a term referencing Barnabas which includes in Acts 4:36 Joseph, (B) Levite, (C) Cypriot, (D) Barnabas, (E) and he. (F)


  • Select from the right side of the Context menu Barnabas Person (G)
  • Select from the left side of the Context menu Search this resource (H)


  • Select in the search results area Aligned to see all mentions of the man Barnabas in the center column (I)


Now enjoy investigating references to the man which in addition to the ones in Acts 4:36 include good man, prophet, teacher, and apostle.

Also please notice in these verses all the times Joseph was encouraging others in some form or fashion. It’s no wonder the apostles nicknamed him Barnabas!

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