“Highlight” Footnote Indicators

A subscriber to mpseminars.com submitted this question to our help desk:

I’m reading Wayne Grudem’s systematic theology book. There are a lot of footnotes throughout the book which are indicated by superscript numbers. I would like to be able to find those numbers quickly. Is there a way to highlight them?

This is definitely a power-user question which required a little thought before answering. After consulting with a couple of my Faithlife friends, Phil and Adam, I think the three of us synergized for a workable solution: a Visual Filter field search!

  • Choose Docs | New | Visual Filter
  • Name the filter (A)
  • Set the search type to Basic (B)
  • Select whatever resource you’d like to search in the drop down list (C)
  • Place this query in the Search box: footnote:(the,a,an,of) (this query is looking in the footnote field of the resource for the word “the” OR “a” OR “an” OR “of”. Theoretically it will miss a footnote if any of the words is not present. You can, of course, add more words to the query) (D)
  • Select a highlighting style in the Formatting drop down list (E)
  • Notice the footnote indicators now “pop” on the page (F)

Pretty cool- eh?

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