Highlight Biblical References in Lexicons

Just like English words, a lot of Hebrew and Greek words have multiple possible meanings. Many lexicons, therefore,  list all the possibilities for these biblical words. Some Hebrew and Greek dictionaries will also give biblical references where specific definitions occur.

In light of this, I recently received this scenario from a Logos user:

When looking up word meanings in Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, is there a step that takes me directly to the particular verse I’m studying?

The answer is yes when we employ a Visual Filter called Emphasize Active References.

Give this a try:

  • Open a Bible with the interlinear option like the ESV to any passage (A)
  • Open a Hebrew or Greek dictionary (B)

  • Choose one at a time the panel menu on each resource (C)
  • Select the same Link set letter for both resources (D)

  • Click the Visual Filers icon on the dictionary (E)
  • Select Emphasize active references (F)

  • Click a word in the Bible (G)
  • Notice Logos looks up the underlying Hebrew or Greek word in the dictionary (H)
  • Notice also Logos also automatically highlights in the dictionary (I) the current reference in the Bible (J)

This little trick is designed to focus our attention in the dictionary to the current passage we’re studying. Of course not every passage we study is going to appear in the lexicon, but if it’s there, Logos will highlight it for us!

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