FREE Webinar for the Bible Browser

A fellow Logos user contacted me with a simple question:

I’m working on a personal study of miracles in the Bible. Is there a way to discover all the people God used in the Bible to perform miracles?

Questions like these really demonstrate the power and ease of what I consider to be an underused feature in the software – the Bible Browser.

(Please note: the Bible Browser appears in the Bronze and above base packages, but some datasets displayed in the images below are only in the Silver and above packages).

Read how simple it is to answer the above question:

  • Open the Bible Browser from the Tools menu (A)
  • Select your desired Bible from the drop down list (B)
  • Expand the Miracles section in the sidebar (C)
  • Expand the Agent subsection in the sidebar (D)
  • Notice the ones (including God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) who executed God’s miracles! (E)
  • Click a hyperlinked filter like Elijah (F) to locate places where that agent was used (G)

The Bible Browser allows us to perform very detailed searches without having to know detailed search queries. All we have to do is point and click!

If you’d like to learn a lot more about the Bible Browser, I encourage you to register and join me for a FREE webinar (approximately 1 hour in length) June 30, 2 pm (CST) during which I’ll explain not only the basics, but some power user tricks regarding this incredible searching tool.

If you can’t make the June 30, 2 pm (CST) broadcast please register anyway and you’ll receive instructions on how to watch the event when it’s convenient for you!

By participating you’ll also receive a special discount code to save up to 50% off 2 Mobile Ed courses I specifically selected for this webinar.

I look forward to showing you more about the Bible Browser!