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A subscriber to recently submitted this question:

I like opening the Passage Study Layout from the Go box. The Exegetical Guide, however, is not included in the Layout so I have to manually open it. Is there a way to include this Guide in the Layout so I don’t have to open myself each time?

Fortunately for us the answer is YES and it’s easy to do!

Give this a go:

  • Type in the Go box a biblical reference such as Acts 1:8 (A)
  • Select from the list Open Passage Study Layout to Acts 1:8 (B)
  • Notice the Passage Guide, but not the Exegetical Guide in the default Layout that opens (C)
  • Open the Exegetical Guide from the Guides menu and position it wherever you like on the screen (D)
  • Click the panel menu (3 dots) on the Passage Guide (E)
  • Select Link set A (F)
  • Repeat the above 2 steps for the Exegetical Guide
  • Click the Layouts menu/icon in the upper right of the program (G)
  • Expand the Home Page Layouts section (H)
  • Rest the cursor on the Passage Study Layout (I)
  • Click the arrow to the right (J)
  • Select Replace with current layout (K)

Now when you use the Go box to open the Passage Study Layout the Exegetical Guide will be included and linked to the Passage Guide!

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