Find New Testament Quotes from Old Testament Prophets

New Testament writers frequently quote Old Testament prophets without explicitly referencing them by name. Who said that? may, therefore, be a common question we ask in our Bible study. You’ll be happy to know Logos tags speakers throughout Scripture so we can readily identify them as well as locate other verses in which they were quoted! Let’s take a look at a specific example:

  • Open a Bible such as the LEB to Acts 7:48-49 which is a part of Stephen’s sermon (A)
  • Notice the phrase just as the prophet says in v 48 followed by the words of a prophet in v 49 (B)
  • Rest the cursor on the megaphone icon (C) at the beginning of v 49 which identifies Isaiah as the quoted prophet (if the icon is not present click the Visual Filters (3 circles) icon on the Bible’s toolbar and select Speaker labels) (D)


Logos has identified tagged the speakers in conversation or being quoted in both the Old and New Testaments. The answer to Who said that? is right under a megaphone icon.

But wait! There’s more!

Now we want to locate all the places Isaiah is quoted in the New Testament:

  • Right click on any word in v 49 (E)
  • Click the arrow icon next to Stephen the speaker on the Context menu (F)
  • Notice both Stephen and Isaiah are listed as speakers because Stephen is quoting Isaiah
  • Select Isaiah (G)
  • Select Search this resource (H)


  • Select New Testament from the drop down range list on the Search panel (I)
  • Read in the search results all the places in the New Testament Isaiah the prophet is quoted! (J)


Train your eyes to spot the megaphone icons and then use a right mouse search to find every time a specific person spoke in the Bible!

One thought on “Find New Testament Quotes from Old Testament Prophets

  1. Is this resource available in all levels of Logos 6? I have the Bronze package and the little megaphone does not show up when I follow the steps above. The “speaker labels” isn’t available under the “visual filters” either.

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