Find Current Dates for Jewish Feasts

A friend recently asked me this question:

Can Logos tell me what days of the year on a modern calendar Jewish feasts are celebrated?

Yes! And I think you’ll be amazed at how simple and impressive the answer is:

  • Choose Tools | All interactive resources (A)


  • Notice the Library opens displaying all of the Interactives you own (B)
  • Click the title Israelite Feasts and Sacrifices to open it (C)



  • Click Feasts in the upper right of the panel (D)
  • Notice rings depicting the Jewish and modern calendars with the names of the Jewish feasts outside of them (E)
  • Rest the cursor on the name of a feast like Tabernacles (F)
  • Notice in a popup the date of the feast in the current year (G)



For something even more incredible, click Sacrifices in the upper right of the panel (H) and using the Logos provided filters, build a customized spreadsheet of Jewish sacrifices! (I)


For more information about Logos Features check out the Training Manual Bundle.

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