Just like the CIA publishes The World Factbook with facts and figures about the countries of the world, Logos 6 presents the Factbook (replacing Bible Facts in Logos 5) which produces reports about Biblical People, Places, Things and Events as well as a host of other subjects.

In addition to being opened from numerous hyperlinks throughout the program and the Context menu, the Factbook is housed and accessed from the Tools menu.

Try this:

  • Choose Tools | Factbook
  • Type a subject in the box such as a: (A)
    • Biblical book like Ephesians
    • Biblical Person like Moses
    • Biblical Place like Jericho
    • Biblical Thing like sandal
    • Biblical Event like feed 5000
    • Biographical Person like John Wesley
    • Topic like baptism
    • Cultural Concept like marriage
    • Preaching Theme like mercy
  • Select your desired item from the drop down list (or press the Enter key if your item is already highlighted in the list) (B)


The various sections in a report differ depending on the subject under study, but expect to see information such as:

  • Media
  • Dictionary articles
  • Search results from the Library
  • Referent dataset
  • Community Tags
  • Miscellaneous links to places such as Wikipedia and Searches

For quick access to the Factbook right click on a word in a Bible and open the Factbook from the Context menu!

The more you use it, the more you’ll be impressed with this goldmine of information neatly organized in a hyperlinked article for almost any subject related to biblical studies.

For complete instructions on all of the new Logos 6 features check out our What’s New for Logos 6 Training Manual or our in-depth Camp Logos in AZ or TN.

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