Factbook Tweaks and FREE Factbook Training

Logos 9 released 6 weeks ago bringing with it a new and expanded Factbook allowing us to study more topics, themes, and texts. In the continued effort to improve this tool, Logos 9.1 (releasing tomorrow, December 8) contains even more tweaks to the Factbook which I’ll briefly discuss in this blog:


To make the Factbook more prominent and easier to open, notice the new Factbook icon to the right of the Library icon (A)­


If you enjoy keyboard shortcuts then here’s how to open the Factbook:

PC: Alt + K

Mac: Cmd + Opt + K


Here’s my personal favorite new addition to the Factbook. You can now easily collapse all the sections in an article:

  • Generate a Factbook article for any subject you like
  • Rest the cursor on any section title bar (B)
  • Click the 3-dot icon (C)
  • Select Collapse All (D)

When you’re ready to work with any section, just click its title bar to expand it. Also, the way you close the Factbook is the way it opens next time so don’t forget to collapse all the sections before you close it.


You can also now easily export images right from the Media section without opening the Media tool:

  • Generate an article for the place Bethlehem (E)
  • Expand the Media section (F)
  • Right click on an image (G)
  • Notice the new context menu containing various export options (H)

Again for emphasis, these changes occur in Logos 9.1 due to release Tuesday December 8!

I also want to invite you to join me for a FREE 45-minute training webinar focusing exclusively on the new Factbook. The original broadcast will be December 8 at 2 pm (CST). You can register for FREE here.

If you can’t make this timeslot, please register any way and we’ll send you instructions on how to watch the webinar any time you like.