Easily Navigate Workflow Steps

If we ask 10 Logos users, “What’s the most significant addition to Logos 8?” half will probably say the new Notes tool and the other half, Workflows. Workflows are literally step by step suggested methodologies for biblical research.

As you’ve probably discovered, many of the Logos-provided Workflows are very detailed with numerous steps. So in this blog all I want to do is show you a couple of simple steps for viewing and jumping to different steps without having to scroll through them all.

Try this:

  • Choose Guides | Workflows (A)
  • Select any Workflow you have such as Inductive Bible Study (B)
  • Type a passage (or topic) in the Reference box (C)
  • Press the Enter key or select a range in the list  to generate the Workflow  (D)
  • Notice the numerous steps in the Workflow (E)

To Expand/Collapse all of the steps:

  • Right click on any Major or Minor Step (F)
  • Select Collapse/Expand All (G)

To view and navigate a Workflow table of contents:

  • Click the Sidebar icon in the upper left of the Workflow panel (H)
  • Notice the Major Steps listed in the Sidebar (I)
  • Click an arrow to expand a section (J)
  • Click a Major or Minor Step (K) to jump to that location in the Workflow (L)

To limit the steps displayed in the Sidebar:

  • Click the Search (magnifying glass) icon in the upper right of the Sidebar (M)
  • Type the word in the Find box you want to appear in a Major or Minor Step (N)
  • Notice only those steps matching your query now appear in the Sidebar (O)

As you can tell, there’s nothing to write home about in this blog, but these small insights will come in handy when you’re trying to navigate through a long Workflow.

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