Easily Convert Measurements in a Passage

Beginning in Genesis 6:14 God tells Noah to build a boat according to exact specifications: 300 cubits X 50 cubits X 30 cubits. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t normally speaks in terms of cubits today. I understand feet and yards, but cubits are another story.

This isn’t an isolated occurrence because unfamiliar measurements appear throughout the Bible. Fortunately for us, as we study passages with Logos 8 we can easily convert measurements in the text.

Give this a look see:

  • Choose the Guides menu (A)
  • Type concord in the Search box (B)
  • Notice Concordance appears in the results area (C)

  • Click Concordance to open this individual Guide section
  • Type Genesis 6 in the Reference box (D)
  • Press the Enter key
  • Rest the cursor on the Concordance section bar (E)
  • Click Settings (F)
  • Select Measure (G)

  • Notice all of the measurements found in Genesis 6 (H) are converted into more understandable units (I)

Please note, the Concordance section can be added to the Passage Guide so that it will always be present as a handy converter!

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