Download All Resources at Once

With the somewhat new Logos Bible Software installation process, we now have the option of just downloading some of our resources during the initial installation. In light of that, I recently received this scenario from a fellow Logos user:

Now that I’ve installed Logos, I’ve decided I want to download all of the resources to my hard drive. Is there a way to download all of them at once?

Thankfully there is! If this scenario applies to you, then give this a try:

  • Click the Library icon to open it (A)
  • Click the Sidebar icon in the upper left of the Library (B) to toggle on the Sidebar with its filters (C)
  • Expand the Devices section in the Sidebar (D)
  • Click Not on This Device (E)
  • Notice your cloud-based resources on the right (F)
  • Click the  Information (“I”) icon in the upper right of the Library (G) to open the pane on the right (H)
  • Select (click) a resource on the left without clicking its title which opens it (I)
  • Select all resources by pressing: (J)
    • Ctrl + A on a PC
    • Cmd + A on a Mac
  • Click the Download link to download all remaining cloud-based resources to the hard drive  (K)

Of course you can select just a few of the books if you want to download only some of these cloud-based resources!

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