Display Mobile Ed Courses by Subject

A subscriber to MPSeminars.com submitted this question to us:

I have purchased numerous Mobile Ed courses. How can I see the various subjects covered in the videos?

First congratulations and thank you to the Logos user for acquiring a good number of Mobile Ed courses! These resources are a great way to further our biblical training from our homes and offices.

Now let’s focus on arranging these videos by subject which can be accomplished through the Library.

  • Click the Library icon in the upper left of the program (A)
  • Click the sidebar icon to toggle on the left sidebar housing numerous facets/filters (B)
  • Click Courseware Media Collection (Mobile Ed courses) in the Type section to reveal the courses in your library (C)
  • Expand the Subject section to reveal the various topics covered in the courses (D)
  • Click a specific subject to only display the Mobile Ed courses covering that topic (E)

Please keep in mind that the type, Courseware Media Collection, contains both the audio and videos in Mobile Ed courses. In addition, the type, Courseware Textbook, contains the transcripts of the lessons. Both types can be displayed according to Subject! This is a very simple, but effective way of quickly seeing the content of your courses.

Also, if you’re a seasoned, Logos user you may be wondering why I didn’t mention the Courses feature found on the Tools menu. While this tool displays Biblical Concepts and Preaching Themes found in Reading Plans it doesn’t do the same for Courseware. To see topics for Mobile Ed courses make sure to go to the Library.

For more detailed training about the Library please check out 24/7 video training at mpseminars.com.

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