Display Commentaries by Authors’ Denominational Bent

The recently released Logos 9 contains numerous new features, but none more practical than the redesigned Commentaries guide section. With this makeover we can now display our commentaries in a variety of ways including the denominational bent of the author!

Give this a go:

  • Open the Passage Guide from the Guides menu
  • Type a passage like Colossians 3:16 in the reference box (A)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the report
  • Make sure the Commentaries guide section is expanded by clicking the title bar (B)
  • Notice the various ways we can now arrange the commentaries (C)
  • Click Denomination (D) to display the commentaries according to the denomination bent of the author! (E)

Please keep a few things in mind:

  • This is a huge undertaking, so not all commentaries are currently “tagged.”  Please be patient as the Logos team continues to label more and more resources.
  • Commentaries are being “tagged” according to the denominational bent of the author of an individual volume, not an entire series.
  • This “tagging” is not an exact science so please be gracious if you perhaps disagree with an assigned label.

Even though this is a work in progress, I really appreciate the effort the makers of our software are putting forth to make Logos as practical as possible. It’s very helpful to quickly view insights about a passage from a Baptist, Methodist, or Presbyterian perspective. Enjoy this new Logos 9 tweak!

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