Display Bible Verses in List Format

A Logos user contacted me with this question:

I’m somewhat new to Logos so hopefully there’s a simple answer to what I’m asking and I’m just not sure where to find it. I use the NKJV, but I like the formatting of the NASB specifically the verses are in “list” rather than paragraph style. Is there a way to make the NKJV look more like the NASB.

I was happy to respond in the affirmative and point out this simple solution to his question:

  • Open the NKJV to any passage (A)
  • Notice the verses are in paragraph format (B)
  • Click the Visual Filters icon on the Bible’s toolbar (C)
  • Check and expand the Resource section (D)
  • Check and expand the Bible text only section (E)
  • Check the One verse per line box (F)
  • Notice the verses in the NKJV are now in list format (G)

This easy to apply answer to a new Logos user’s question highlights one of the many advantages of Logos digital books over their print counterparts: we can quickly change the appearance of Logos resources!

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