Display All Search Results on the Timeline

A fellow Logos user contacted me with a question I wanted to pass along to you:

I’m doing a search for Moses on the Timeline which says I have 29 hits. But I can’t see them. I have to move through the Timeline to find them and I’m not sure I’m viewing them all. Surely there’s something I’m not doing. Help!

This is a very common question and the answer is quite simple so let’s take a look at it:

  • Choose Tools | Reference | Timeline
  • Type a query like Moses in the Filter box in the upper right of the panel (A)
  • Notice the number of results is indicated in the Filter box like 29 for our example of Moses (B)
  • Notice now that some of the results, but probably not all, are visible in the current timeline (C)
  • Click the Fit drop down list (D)
  • Select Show all matching events (E)
  • Notice now the timeline view adjusts to display all of the events containing the word Moses (F)

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