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People’s names in Scripture are not merely labels to distinguish them from other people, but many times are expressions of their character. For example,

  • Abram received the name Abraham because he was the father of many nations (Genesis 17:5)
  • Joseph was nicknamed Barnabas because he was an encourager (Acts 4:36) 

Likewise, the names of God reveal much about His character and attributes. One of the most rewarding studies I’ve ever done in my Christian pilgrimage was an investigation of the names of God such as:

  • The God of seeing (Genesis 16:13)
  • Lord of hosts (1 Samuel 1:3)
  • Most High (Daniel 4:32) 

These and many more names for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit appear throughout Scripture. To help us discover these names and learn more of the character of God, Logos 7 provides us with the Interactive simply called Names of God.

Using Logos-provided facets or “search filters” we can easily locate specific biblical names for any person in the trinity. To see this Interactive in action let’s find the Hebrew names for God that Moses uses when he addressed Pharaoh.

  • Choose Tools | Names of God
  • Notice the Interactive opens in its own panel which houses a sidebar containing Logos-provided facets that have been applied to the names of God throughout the Bible (A)
  • Click God in the Names of section (B)
  • Notice that facet is displayed at the top of the viewing area (C) with the names of God the Father underneath (D)


  • Click Hebrew in the Language section to limit the search to just Hebrew names (E)


  • Click Moses in the Speaker section to further limit the search to just when Moses is speaking in Reported Speech in the Bible (F)


  • Click Pharaoh (the Exodus) in the Addressee section to even further limited the search to just when Pharaoh is being addressed by Moses in Reported Speech (G)


  • Notice in the results area the Hebrew names for God the Father when Moses is speaking to Pharaoh! (H)
  • Click the arrow to the left of a name to reveal the verses where that name is used (I)


As you can see by using the Logos-provided facets in this Interactive, you can easily zero in on virtually any name for God in Scripture and hopefully make some serendipitous discoveries along the way.

For more information about this resource as well as all the new Logos 7 Interactives and features, please check out the What’s New in Logos 7 Training Manual available both in print and digital forms.

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