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A Camp Logos alumnus recently emailed this question in reference to the Camp Logos 1 and 2 video resources:

As I go through and watch your videos from Camp Logos, is there a way for me to “star” or “tag” one that is particularly interesting to me so that I will know to go back and watch it again?

I responded by suggesting he use Favorites to organize videos he wanted to review. I’ll outline the steps below using Camp Logos videos as examples, but these steps apply equally to any chapters, articles, etc. from any Logos resources you want to organize and revisit.

  • Choose Tools | Favorites to open this panel on the left of the screen
  • Click New Folder on the Favorites panel (A)
  • Name the folder anything you desire such as Camp Logos Videos or Church History (B)
  • Press the Enter key to save the name


  • Open a resource, such as Camp Logos 1, to the desired location you want to revisit (C)
  • Drag the tab of the resource panel and drop it on top of the newly created folder (D)



  • Repeat the previous two steps for as many locations as you desire (E)
  • Notice Logos places in the folder links back to the resource locations (F)
  • Click a link in the folder to return to the location (G)


Once you have individual favorites in a folder you can drag and drop them to reorder them or right click on them to rename them. Regardless of the names you assign, the links remain to the original resource locations.

This simple process is a great way to create your own “lesson plans” for topics you want to study such as Theology, History, Ethics, etc. And of course Favorites snyc to your Logos account!

For additional training check out the Camp Logos 1 and Camp Logos 2 video resources.

One thought on “Create Review Materials with Favorites

  1. Wow, Favorites can save searches, too; which is especially handy for complex ones!
    Thanks Morris, for pointing out this feature that I’d missed (and apparently since L4!)

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