Create a Text Comparison Bible List

One of my favorite features for the observation phase of Bible study is Text Comparison. In the recent 7.3 update to Logos Bible Software, changes were made on how we select Bibles for this tool. Below are the simple steps for creating a saved Bible list which can easily be recalled for future use.

To initially create the list:

  • Choose Tools | Text Comparison
  • Click the Bible drop down list (A)


  • Type in the Find box the first Bible you want in the list such as NASB (B)
  • Check the NASB box (C)


  • Type in the Find box the second Bible you want in the list such as ESV (D)
  • Check the ESV box (E)


  • Repeat the previous two steps for additional Bibles (F)


  • Click Save in the upper right of the drop down list (G)


  • Type a name for the list in the Resource list name box such as My Bibles (H)
  • Click Save (I)


  • Create as many lists as you desire
  • Click outside the drop down list to close it and load that list (J)


To reload the list:

  • Click the Bible drop down list (K)
  • Make sure the Find box is empty (L)
  • Select a list in the Saved section (M)


Please remember, the first Bible in any list serves as the base version against which the others in the list are compared.

For more detailed information about Text Comparison, as well as other Logos 7 features be sure to check out the Logos Bible Software Training Manual Bundle available in both print and digital formats.

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