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A Logos user recently emailed this question to me:

I recently upgraded to Collector’s edition, and am nearly finished tagging my library with My Tags.  A friend of mine also upgraded recently and wanted to know if there were a way I could export my library titles, with a mapping to their respective tags I assigned so he can save himself the work.

The answer is yes: by exporting the Library to a spreadsheet. I also think you’ll be happy the process is actually very simple:

  • Drag the Library icon onto the Logos desktop so that the Library opens in its own panel (A)


  • Choose the menu in the upper left of the Library’s panel (B)
  • Select Print/Export (C)


  • Select the Excel link (or other application) under the section Send to a new document (D)


  • Notice a new spreadsheet opens with all of the metadata about your resources including a column entitled My Tags (E)


  • Save the file
  • Share the file with a friend if desired

In the spreadsheet please notice Logos presents ALL of the information about your resources regardless of the current view in your Library.

For more information about the Library and lots of other Logos Features check out the Training Manual Bundle.

One thought on “Create a Spreadsheet of Your Library

  1. Don’t have to send to a new document option, also notice there’s never Mac option like copy to pages, or add to Keynote, and here send to or open with numbers.

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