Create a Daily Journal with Notes

I received this question from a MP Seminars subscriber:

I want to use the notes tool as a personal journal. Is there a way to anchor the daily note to the date?

I really like this question because it shows he’s thinking outside the box and wanting to leverage the full power of the software.

The answer to his question is an enthusiastic yes and here’s basically how I responded:

  • Open Notes from the Tools menu (A)
  • Open a calendar devotional such as My Utmost for His Highest (B)
  • Notice today’s date in the reference box (C)
  • Click New Note on the Notes tool (D)
  • Notice a new note is created anchored to the day of year (E)
  • Type whatever text you’d like for the “journal entry” (F)

For even more power:

  • Create a Notebook for each year like 2020, 2021, etc. (G)
  • Place 2020 Notes in the 2020 Notebook (H)
  • Click the 2020 Notebook in the sidebar (I) to see all of the “journal entries” for that year! (J)

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