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Duration 2hr 30min

Logos Bible Software exists of course to help us study the Bible. At the heart of that study is searching: we have to be able to locate information in the Bible.

Thankfully Logos provides not only a powerful search engine, but also tools such as the Concordance and Bible Browser enabling us to find most anything we need.

During this webinar Morris will guide you from basic to advanced techniques so you can master using the Bible Search panel with its many helpful templates.

In addition, you’ll learn to unlock the time-saving potential of right mouse searching especially for Hebrew and Greek.

Once you locate the results, he’ll show you how to view them in both the Analysis and Graphics views.

Bible Searching would not be complete without Morris training you on two of his favorite Logos features: Concordance and Bible Browser.

With these tools you’ll easily discover:

  • Potential themes in books of the Bible
  • Biblical authors most and least used words
  • Words used only once in a book or in portion of Scripture
  • Detailed data like “all the questions in Genesis

This content-packed and feature-applied webinar will certainly assist you in incorporating Logos into your biblical research.