Copy Feature in the Factbook

As I equip Logos users at Camp Logos with the powerful Factbook, a common question is:

How can I copy the data from the Factbook to a word processor or Notes document within Logos?

The answer just became incredibly simple with the recent release of Logos 6.4 as a new Copy feature is now available for each section in the Factbook.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose Tools | Factbook
  • Place a subject such as Jonathan in the reference box (A)
  • Select the desired item from the drop down list to generate the report (B)


  • Expand a section like Referred to As (C)
  • Expand any sub-sections to reveal verses, more items, etc. because the Copy feature applies to what is visible in the section (D)


  • Right click on a section title bar (E)
  • Select Copy (F)


  • Navigate to a Notes document or a file in your word processor (G)
  • Execute a Paste (H)

You’ll notice that both the text and images from the Factbook section are placed in your word processer. (I)


Most word processors have a Paste Special feature allowing you to place only the text without images into the document. (J)


Please note, if this Copy feature is not present in your software then please download the FREE 6.4 update.

For more detailed training please check out the Camp Logos 2 video training now on pre-pub!

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