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In a recent blog I erroneously communicated we could not make copies of Logos files. I was thinking of the absence of that feature on the Documents menu, but I totally forgot about making copies at

So in this blog, I’ll correct the record and show you how to copy a Logos file:

  • Choose the Documents menu (A)
  • Click the Share documents link in the lower left of the menu (B)

  • Notice your web browser opens to your personal page (C)
  • Rest the cursor on the file you wish to copy (D)
  • Click the Actions drop down list on the far right (E)
  • Select Duplicate (F)

  • Return to the Logos Documents menu (G) and you’ll see a copy of the file (H)

I apologize for the original oversight of this feature, but I hope you can now make use of multiple copies of existing files!

For more detailed information about Logos Documents, secure your copy of the Logos 7 Training Manuals Volumes 1-3 in print or digital.

Also be sure to follow the new MP Seminars Faithlife group and receive a FREE download of the commentary Ephesians: Verse by Verse by Dr. Grant Osborne.

5 thoughts on “Copy a Logos Document

  1. Hi,
    I know this is separate from the above article, but I have a question about the training Manuals. If you buy the Printed version of the books why is there not an option to get the digital version free. Understand if purchased separate and the price for the printed version.

    1. Hi,

      Although the Print and Digital versions of the Logos 7 Training Manuals have the same information, they are different products and you have to pay to own each of them.

      It’s just like Amazon, you can purchase the print version of a book but if you also want the digital you have to pay for that too.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!

      MP Seminars Team

        1. It really depends on what you want. With the Print you can physically look-up your questions about the software, and that is BIG draw for most people. They like having the manuals in their hands.

          With the Digital, it is downloaded directly to your Logos Library. It will always be up to date with whatever level the software has gotten to and you can easily search, so that’s a time saver.

          You have to decide what’s most important to you.

          1. Thank you very much for your time and quick response. Thanks for the blog entry it help me also.
            Have a great day

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