Camp Logos is a Wise Investment


For over 17 years I’ve had the privilege of training users to better use Logos Bible Software through live seminars called Camp Logos. I’m often asked if it’s worth the investment of time and money to attend. As objectively as possible I’d like to answer that question.

Yes, I believe Camp Logos is an investment that pays great dividends for several reasons. The training is:

Systematic. Rather than discovering somewhat unrelated features here or there, I’ll guide you through many Logos tools in a logical sequence so you can see the big picture of the software and how the individual pieces fit together.

Concentrated. Usually at the office or home we’re juggling meetings, emails, phone calls and more, but at Camp you can come away and focus on Logos. With fewer distractions hopefully you can learn in a few days what would take weeks, months or even years to discover on your own.

Interactive. The question and answer aspect at the live seminar adds to the learning experience. You’ll get your individual questions answered whether during the main sessions or breaks.

Encouraging. Learning with fellow believers who are committed to Bible study, teaching / preaching, and Logos is contagious. I think you’ll leave Camp not only with your head full, but also your heart stirred.

Practical. As a Logos user and Bible teacher myself, I’ll not only show you how to use Logos features, but also how to implement them into your personal study and sermon / lesson preparation.

So yes, I believe you’ll discover Camp Logos to be a wise investment of both time and resources, that will start paying immediate dividends.

During April-May Camp Logos is coming to:

Then on June 24-26 we’ll have our National Camp Logos at Logos headquarters in Bellingham, WA.

If you can’t attend a live seminar or perhaps you live outside the United States, you can purchase Camp Logos Video Training as a downloadable Logos resource which is now on pre-pub.

2 thoughts on “Camp Logos is a Wise Investment

  1. I have Logos 5 Gold and have no plans on purchasing 6 at this time. A few years ago I took the Camp 1 section in Phoenix. I loved it. This time I’m planning on 1 and 2 and my wife may join me in doing 1. How relevant will the training be for a 5 user? Will I feel like I’m in the wrong class? I’m going to spend a lot to get to the training in Bellingham, just need to confirm the value.
    Thanks, Mark

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