Camp Logos 1

Congratulations on your wise investment in Logos Bible Software! Perhaps now as you open it, you’re overwhelmed by its many features and sheer power. At Camp Logos, our hands-on training seminar, we’ll help you understand the features and unleash the power so you can use this incredible tool for your Bible study and sermon/lesson preparation.

Camp Logos is for you:

•    If you’re a Logos 7 user. We’ll explain many of the NEW features and tools that make Logos bigger and better than ever!
•    If you’re a Logos 6 user. Camp discusses the foundational features that the software is centered upon.
•    If you’re new to the software. We patiently show you how to use each feature.
•    If you’re a seasoned user. There are expert shortcuts, insights, and applications all throughout the seminar that will challenge you and take you to the next level. Hundreds of experienced Logos users said they’ve learned new features in the first hour.

Seminar attendees say that the seminar was well worth it and many say that the first hour alone is worth the price of admission!

We’ll strive to provide a valuable learning experience for you as well as we try to achieve these characteristics:

•    Understandable. We speak English not computer jargon. You’ll find the training very easy to follow.
•    Hands on. You won’t just listen to or watch the instructor; you’ll actually be working at your own laptop computer station that you’re welcome to bring or we provide one for you (for a nominal fee of $20).
•    Practical. We’ll not only show you what Logos can do; we’ll show you how to apply the features in your Bible study and lesson preparation.
•    Excellent. We’re committed to providing you with thorough and professional instruction. You won’t be disappointed.
•    Affordable. Software instruction in the business sector is very expensive. Our three-day seminars are a fraction of that cost.

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General Outline of Camp Logos 1

*The asterisk designates portions of the training that explain NEW Logos 7 OR Logos NOW features tools

  • Overview of Home Page
  • Home Page Topic Study
  • Passage Guide*
    • Systematic Theologies*
    • Biblical Theologies*
    • Confessional Documents*
    • Interactives*
  • Exegetical Guide*
    • Lemma in Passage*
  • Bible Word Study*
    • Lemma in Passage*
  • Customized Templates and Reports
  • Library
  • Resource Panels*
    • Linking
    • Multiple Resources*
    • Parallel Resources
  • Tiles, Tabs, Windows, and Panels
  • Layouts*
  • Concordance
    • Generate a Report
    • Biblical Lemma Search
  • Factbook
  • Atlas
  • Timeline
  • Interactive Resources*
    • Miracles of God*
    • Names of God*
    • Weights and Measures Converter
  • Overview of Searching
  • Search Collections
  • Basic Searching
  • Basic Search Results
  • Bible Searching
  • Bible Search Results*
    • Corresponding Search Results
  • Inline Searching
  • Right Mouse Searching
  • Power Searching

Quick Facts

Morris Proctor personally teaches every seminar. His gift of teaching and years of Bible study and teaching make the seminar one of the most practical and rewarding you’ll ever attend.
If you’re new to Logos Bible Software don’t be afraid. There are no prerequisites for attending Camp Logos. The instruction is clear and understandable.
If you’re a seasoned user don’t shy away from the seminar. There are expert shortcuts, insights, and applications all throughout the seminar that will challenge you and take you to the next level.

The cost of Camp Logos 1 is $225 which includes three mornings of guided, hands-on training, Camp Logos syllabus, and snacks throughout the day.
Camp Logos 1 is presented in the mornings during the Camp Combo event

  • Day 1: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Day 2: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Day 3: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

We recommend casual, comfortable attire.
The seminars are hands-on, so please bring your laptop. If you don’t have one, please indicate on the registration form that you need to reserve one for a nominal shipping charge of $20. Our laptop rentals are PC only (we don’t have any Mac rentals available). Electric outlets are provided at each table so you don’t need strong batteries.