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Double and Triple Click Shortcut Action

The recently released Logos 8.6 contains some exciting new timesaving shortcuts: double and triple click action. For years we’ve been able to double click a word in a resource to execute a Look Up Search, but in 8.6, the double click options have expanded and triple click has been added! Give this a go: Choose […]

Display All Search Results on the Timeline

A fellow Logos user contacted me with a question I wanted to pass along to you: I’m doing a search for Moses on the Timeline which says I have 29 hits. But I can’t see them. I have to move through the Timeline to find them and I’m not sure I’m viewing them all. Surely […]

Sort Notes By Bible Reference

A Logos user sent in this question to us: Under the new Logos 8 I can’t find how to scroll through notes in biblical order. My notes are tied to verses and I used to be able to scroll from verse 1 to 2 to 3, etc. Now I have the verse I am working […]

Share Documents with Faithlife Groups

One of the most helpful tweaks in the recently released Logos 8.5 update is the ability to both share and download documents within Faithlife Groups. This blog focuses on sharing and next week’s downloading. So let’s say you’re a member of a Faithlife Group and you want to share a Passage List with the members. […]

Download Documents from Faithlife Groups

In a recent blog I discussed sharing documents with our Faithlife Groups. Now we turn our attention to downloading documents fellow group members have made available to us. Let’s imagine a member of one your Faithlife Groups shared a Sermon document that you want to download.  Thanks to the recently released Logos 8.5 you can […]

Add Notes to Guide Sections

I hope you’re enjoying the new Logos 8 Notes tool as much as I am. I know it was a big transition from 7 to 8 Notes, but if you’re not quite there yet, please keep going. The new Notes database really is remarkable.  And it seems with each new update the power of Notes […]

Access Notebooks and Collections from the Docs Menu

Our Logos Bible Software continues to expand and improve. Often it’s a small improvement that creates a big impact. Case in point is a recent 8.5 tweak: Notebooks and Collections were added as Filters on the Docs menu. Take a look at this: Choose the Docs menu Click the Yours tab to display your personal […]

The Bible for Faithlife Study Bible

So here’s an observant question from a Logos user: I’m really enjoying the Faithlife Study Bible, but noticed a Bible selector on its toolbar. What’s that all about? That’s a good eye and it provides me an opportunity to showcase this resource. Since its publication several years ago it has become my go to study […]

Easily Navigate Workflow Steps

If we ask 10 Logos users, “What’s the most significant addition to Logos 8?” half will probably say the new Notes tool and the other half, Workflows. Workflows are literally step by step suggested methodologies for biblical research. As you’ve probably discovered, many of the Logos-provided Workflows are very detailed with numerous steps. So in […]

Sometimes Find is All You Need

As you well know Logos has a very powerful search engine that allows us to find most anything we need in our books and Bibles. Sometimes, however, we just don’t need all that power. For example, let’s say we’re reading in 1 Timothy. We know somewhere in the book Paul gives part of his testimony […]