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Have you ever been reading a print Bible and thought to yourself, it sure would be nice to temporarily:

  • Hide the chapter and verse numbers
  • Arrange the text in list form rather than paragraph form
  • Remove the red letters

You can do all of that and more in Logos 6 with a Visual Filter called Bible Text Only

Bible Text Only has been around for a long time in Logos, but has greatly expanded in Logos 6 as I explain below.

The text in most Bibles comes from the publisher with various features such as:

  • Paragraphs
  • Character formatting like red letter, italics, etc.
  • Cross references
  • Pericope headings
  • Chapter and verse numbers

All of this and more can be toggled on / off with the Bible Text Only Visual Filter.

To do so:

  • Open a Bible
  • Click the Visual Filters icon on the Bible’s toolbar (A)
  • Select the Resource box (B)
  • Select Bible text only (C)
  • Uncheck:
    • Bible text formatting to remove all character formatting such as red letter, italics, bold, etc. (D)
    • Chapter / Verse numbers to remove those numbers (E)
    • Footnote indicators to remove imbedded cross references (F)
    • Non-Bible text to remove pericope titles (G)
    • One verse per line to leave the Bible in paragraph form as opposed to each verse starting on a separate line when this option is checked (H)


For complete instructions on all of the new Logos 6 features check out our What’s New for Logos 6 Training Manual.

One thought on “Bible Text Only

  1. Thank you Morris for all you do. I am very thankful that God is using you to connect my little mind with the power and awesomeness of Logos. As I think the purpose of the church is to connect the love of God with the pain of the world so God is using you to connect the wonders of Logos with those of us who need all the help we can get. I think if you had been born about 2000 years ago, your name would be Paul! Although I have a Masters degree plus many more hours of graduate school at a great school, I have never experienced a greater teacher and presenter than yourself. I can only imagine the obstacles you are confronted with. I pray for you always my friend.

    your friend,

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