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I receive numerous questions about biblical cross references such as this one:

Almost any Logos resource contains numerous cross references on a given page. I know I can preview a verse by hovering on the blue hyperlink and I can take my Bible there by clicking it. I’m also aware of creating a Passage List of the references, but then I have to delete the file when I’m finished with it.

What I want is a temporary list of verses so I don’t have to delete a file or click a lot of hyperlinks. Is this possible?

Yes it is with a feature called Power Lookup! Here’s how to create the temporary list of verses the Logos user inquired about:

  • Open a resource to a page containing biblical cross references (A) such as Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary (B) to the article for Jericho (C)


  • Choose Tools | Power Lookup (D)


  • Notice as soon as Power Lookup opens it automatically looks up the cross references visible on the current page in the dictionary(E)


  • Page down in the dictionary or navigate to a completely different page and Power Lookup instantly displays the verses visible on that page (F)


To only look up some verses on the page:

  • Select text, containing cross references, in the dictionary (G)
  • Notice Power Lookup only displays the verses in the selected text (H)


Please note, Power Lookup is set to follow the active panel. If you have multiple resources open and want Power Lookup to only display verses from a specific resource, then use a link set on the panel menu to link Power Lookup to the desired resource. (I)


For more detailed instruction about Power Lookup check out the Logos 6 Training Manual Volumes 1 & 2 Bundle or consider attending a live Camp Logos seminar in Baltimore, MD or Little Rock, AR.  

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  1. I know this says this in the instructions above, but just to reiterate, this feature works on any resource containing Bible cross-references, even Personal Books. Nice!

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