Automatically Highlight Specific Cross References in a Lexicon

I recently received the following scenario from a fellow Logos user:

I’m working on a project for school regarding lexicons and Genesis. Is there a way to highlight all the biblical references to Genesis in a lexicon such as BDB? Currently I’m straining my eyes trying to pick out the biblical references among all the characters!

Thankfully the answer is yes with the aid of a Visual Filter!

Give this a go:

  • Open any lexicon to any place in the book
  • Choose Docs | New | Visual Filter (A)
  • Name the filter anything you like (B)
  • Select Basic as the search type (C)
  • Select your desired lexicon from the resource to search drop down list (D)
  • Place this query in the Search box: <Genesis> (E)
  • Select a highlighting style from the formatting drop down list (F)
  • Notice all references to Genesis are now highlighted in the lexicon! (G)

If the highlights are not showing up in the lexicon:

  • Click the Visual Filters icon on the lexicon’s toolbar (H)
  • Make sure both the Visual Filters and your “specific filter” boxes are checked on (I)

Of course as you can easily see, this feature will work with any resource and any book of the Bible. Simply change the resource to search in the drop down list and the query to <Exodus> or <Acts> or whatever book you like!

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