Automatic Text Selection

As you well know before you can copy text, highlight text, search a phrase, etc. the text has to be selected by holding down the mouse and moving the cursor over the appropriate text. You may have noticed, by default, in Logos the program tries to anticipate what you want to select and then automatically does it for you. “Smart text selection” is officially what this feature is called. With tongue in cheek, I refer to it as a blessing we did not ask for.

With the recent release of Logos 6.4, however, “smart text selection” is now customizable and very helpful.

Check this out:

  • Choose Tools | Program Settings
  • Navigate to the section Text Display (A)
  • Locate the line Text Selection (B)
  • Click the drop down list (C)


  •  Select:
    • Character to select one character at a time (this is normal text selection) (D)
    • Word to “snap” selection to next word (this automatically selects a word at a time. Very helpful and the one I recommend!) (E)
    • Smart to “snap” selection to “smart” boundaries such as phrase, verse, sentence, and paragraph (this is what I referenced in the opening paragraph) (F)


Now as you select text in a resource, you’ll be in charge of “smart text selection” which makes this feature a true blessing indeed!

3 thoughts on “Automatic Text Selection

  1. Thanks for this tip! I liked the idea of smart selection, but did not like the implementation of it when I got to using it, so I shut this feature off early on. I’m ready to give it another try with word selection!

  2. I have found that if I hold down the Alt key (Windows) while moving the mouse, it seems to temporarily turn on automatic text selection.

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