All Resources vs Everything Search

As you well know, arguably the most impressive feature in Logos is the powerful search and retrieval system. Almost instantly we can find practically anything in the Library.

You may have noticed when you open the Search panel and set the search type to Basic (A), you can select from the resources to search drop down list All Resources (B) or Everything (C).


I’m often asked, therefore, what’s the difference between searching All Resources and Everything?

Simply put, All Resources searches all of your books while Everything searches all of your books plus the Factbook, Atlas, Community Tags and more!

An Everything Search is what you want to use when you know you need information but, you’re just not sure what type of info and where to find it.

For example, imagine you’re studying Jesus’ prayer in the garden in Matthew 26:36. When you come to Gethsemane you say to yourself, I know I need info about Gethsemane, but what do I need and where do I start?

In times like these try an Everything Search:

  • Open a Bible to Matthew 26:36 (D)
  • Right click on the word Gethsemane (E)
  • Select the English word Gethsemane on the right side of the Context menu (F)
  • Select Search everything from the left side of the Context menu (G)


  • Notice the Search panel opens set to Basic (H) and Everything (I)
  • Peruse the Search results noticing particular sections such as:
    • Preferred Bible listing occurrences of the word in your designated Bible (J)
    • Factbook linking you to reports containing your word (K)
    • Topic showing links to articles about your word (L)
    • Media displaying images related to your word (M)
    • Atlas Results providing links to relevant maps (N)
    • Library Results presenting every occurrence of your word in the Library (the same as searching All Resources) (O)


As you can easily see the Everything Search provides a plentiful buffet from which you can make your choices!

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