Adjust Verse Range in Bible Word Study

I was recently assisting a Logos user with his sermon preparation for Luke 17:11-19. The research included examining the Greek lemma sozo in verse 19 and discerning whether it refers to physical or spiritual healing.

Locating all occurrences of sozo was part of the study process:

  • Open an interlinear Bible such as the NASB to Luke 17:19 (A)
  • Right click on the word well (B)
  • Select from the left side of the menu the lemma sozo (the one with the ring icon) (C)
  • Select from the right side of the menu Bible Word Study (D)
  • Notice in the Translation section the lemma occurs 107 times in the NASB New Testament (E)

Please note the Translation section by default will search the entire Old or New Testament for a Hebrew or Greek lemma. When trying to discern a contextual meaning of a word, however, we want to pay close attention to how a specific biblical author used a word.

So let’s limit the search range to the book of Luke:

  • Click the verse range drop down list which probably says All Passages (F)
  • Type Lk in the Reference range box at the top (G)
  • Select Luke from the drop down list (H)
  • Notice the Translation ring automatically adjusts the search range revealing that sozo occurs 17 times in Luke in the NASB New Testament (I)

If you’d like to include Acts in the search, notice Luke-Acts is already listed as a predefined search range in the drop down list. (J)

Also notice other sections like Root and Senses are also affected by the adjusted search range.

The reason I point this out is I’ve noticed some Logos users are not aware we can adjust the verse range in Bible Word Study. Being able to do so makes this Guide even more helpful for our research!

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