Add Websites to the Shortcuts Bar

You’ve probably noticed in the sidebar of the Home Page links to the expanding Faithlife family of websites. (A)

If they’re not visible:

  • Open the Home Page
  • Click the Customize icon in the upper right of the Home Page (B)
  • Select Faithlife Websites in the lower left of the menu (C)

Perhaps as you use these links you’re thinking, I’d sure like to add links to websites I use for Bible study and lesson prep.

Well, we can’t add those links to the Home Page, but we can add them to the Shortcuts bar!

Here’s how:

  • Navigate to a website in the browser of your choice (D)
  • Decrease the size of the browser (E) and Logos (F) windows so you can see them both at the same time (or place them on separate monitors)

  • Drag the web address from the browser (G) to the Logos Shortcuts bar (H)

  • Notice Logos adds a default icon on the Shortcuts bar (I)
  • Right click on the default icon (J)
  • Select an icon of your choice (K)

  • Click the new icon to open the website in your browser (L)

You can place as many websites as you like on the Shortcuts bar! This is a great way to quickly jump to:

  • Your church’s, school’s, or organization’s website
  • Websites for illustrations
  • News reports
  • Atlanta Braves 🙂
  • Or whatever you like!

For more information about using the Shortcuts bar, please check out the Logos Training Manuals Volumes 1-3.

And for 24/7 Logos training, check out the new website.

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