Access Pericopes from the Go Box

The recently released Logos 8.4 contains numerous tweaks providing enhancements designed hopefully to make our Bible study a little more powerful or enjoyable.

One such change is: with the simple addition of the word “study” in the Go box we can access pericopes (sections in the Bible).

Try this:

  • Type John 1:1 in the Go box (A)
  • Notice various options in the drop down list which include opening:
    • your Preferred Bible (B)
    • a Passage Study Layout to the single verse John 1:1 (C)
  • Now type study John 1:1 in the Go box (D)
  • Notice the options in the drop down list now include studying various pericopes or verse ranges in the Bible which include John 1:1 (E)

Or try this:

  • Type Tower of Babel in the Go box (F)
  • Notice the drop down list does NOT include studying Genesis 11 (G)
  • Now type study Tower of Babel in the Go box (H)
  • You’ll now see Open Passage Study Layout to Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) in the list (I)

Again, the word study in the Go box displays options for studying pericopes or verses ranges. As you can tell this is especially helpful for studying passages in the Bible when we don’t know the “specific references”, but we do know words probably in the pericope headings.

For example type these in the Go box and you’ll see what I mean:

  • study beatitudes
  • study David and Goliath
  • study cross Red Sea

For complete video training on this and all 8.4 changes please check out

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