Double and Triple Click Shortcut Action

The recently released Logos 8.6 contains some exciting new timesaving shortcuts: double and triple click action. For years we’ve been able to double click a word in a resource to execute a Look Up Search, but in 8.6, the double click options have expanded and triple click has been added! Give this a go: Choose […]

Display All Search Results on the Timeline

A fellow Logos user contacted me with a question I wanted to pass along to you: I’m doing a search for Moses on the Timeline which says I have 29 hits. But I can’t see them. I have to move through the Timeline to find them and I’m not sure I’m viewing them all. Surely […]

Sort Notes By Bible Reference

A Logos user sent in this question to us: Under the new Logos 8 I can’t find how to scroll through notes in biblical order. My notes are tied to verses and I used to be able to scroll from verse 1 to 2 to 3, etc. Now I have the verse I am working […]