Send Note Content to Sermon Document

I hope you’re making use of Guides and Workflows for your biblical research. Also, as you uncover insights about passages or topics I trust you’re saving them in Notes. These tools are great for our study, but as you’ve probably discovered, Guides, Workflows, and Notes are not designed to produce the finished product of a […]

Instant Bible Cross References

A very popular way of studying the Bible is through cross references. Perhaps you enjoy reading a passage and then tracking down verses somehow related to your passage. If so, this blog is for you! I want show you a little trick that will produce instant cross references for your passage: Choose Guides | Bible […]

Access Pericopes from the Go Box

The recently released Logos 8.4 contains numerous tweaks providing enhancements designed hopefully to make our Bible study a little more powerful or enjoyable. One such change is: with the simple addition of the word “study” in the Go box we can access pericopes (sections in the Bible). Try this: Type John 1:1 in the Go […]

Bookmark the Passage You’re Studying

I recently received the following scenario from a fellow Logos user: Normally I study passages so I open my preferred Bible to a specific text to exegete. Inevitably during my research I leave the passage to look up cross references. Is there a quick way to return to the passage I’m studying without retyping the […]

Find Greek Words Translated with an English Word

A college student contacted me with the following scenario: I’m taking a homiletics course and need to find the Greek words translated “preach” in the New Testament. How can this be accomplished in Logos? I love questions like this because the answer is in the Logos wheelhouse! Take a swing at this: Choose Guides | […]