Add Websites to the Shortcuts Bar

You’ve probably noticed in the sidebar of the Home Page links to the expanding Faithlife family of websites. (A) If they’re not visible: Open the Home Page Click the Customize icon in the upper right of the Home Page (B) Select Faithlife Websites in the lower left of the menu (C) Perhaps as you use […]

Remove Mobile Devices from Logos Account

In previous blogs I’ve written about “managing” mobile resources from the Logos desktop app. In response to one of the blogs, a user posted this question: I have had several phones and iPads since using Logos. How do I delete, or remove, the previous devices and their info? Sure hope this can be done. Great […]

Words Have Usages, Not Meanings Apart From Context

While working in Hebrews 10:24, a foundational, but very important principle of biblical interpretation struck me again: words have usages, not meanings. In other words, the same Hebrew or Greek word does not mean the same thing every time it’s used in Scripture. Context clarifies a word’s usage. Here’s what happened in my study: I […]