Help with the Geographical Context in the Gospels

With the vast number of resources available in the Logos base collections, it’s very easy for a valuable resource to get lost if we’re not careful. A case in point is the Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels available in the standard collections Silver and above. This commentary is a goldmine when it comes to […]

Discover Jesus’ Activities on Earth

If you read this Logos blog on a regular basis you know I’m a big fan of the Bible Browser because I refer to it often. Well, once again I’ll mention it because it answers a user’s question emailed to me: How do I search in Logos 7 for everything that Jesus did while on […]

Execute a Hebrew Lemma “Phrase Search”

Today’s blog is based on a question from a Logos user who is digging deep into the Hebrew text:  I am trying to find every instance in the  OT where the Hebrew words are in an exact sequence.  For instance, if I search in English for “who did not know” in the OT, I get […]