Locate Examples of the Granville Sharp Rule

At a recent Camp Logos an attendee asked: What is the search query for locating examples of the Granville Sharp rule? If you’re unfamiliar with this Greek construction, I’ll show you below how to get some information about it. The good news is there is a search query for finding examples. The better news is […]

Display Bible Verses in List Form

Most Bibles are written in paragraph form with verse numbers buried in the paragraphs. That can make finding verse numbers a little challenging as we exegete a passage verse by verse. That’s what prompted a fellow Logs user to email me the following question: I primarily use the KJV and the NKJV in sermon preparation. […]

“Just Looking” with the Bible Browser

Like many Christians during this season, I’ve been rereading the Christmas story in Matthew and Luke. Of course, in Matthew we find the Magi visiting Jesus at some point after his birth. Famously they testified, we saw his star when it rose. Without getting into the specifics of what the star may have been, I […]