Open Logos the Way It Closed

I recently received this question from a fellow Logos user: I’m often in the midst of my study when I have to close Logos to move on to other tasks for the day. Is there a way to open the program to the desktop arrangement I had when I closed the program? The answer is […]

Locate Hymns Based on Author, Title, or Lyrics

Last week’s blog answered a user’s question on how to find hymns based on a Scripture reference. Today, using a feature called field searching, we’ll locate hymns written by a specific author, with a desired title, or containing certain words. If you’re looking for a hymn, give this a go: Click the Search icon in […]

Locate Hymns Based on a Passage

My mentor years ago told me that outside of the Bible, one of the most important books to have in my library is a good hymnal (or 2 or 3 or more!). In light of that I was thrilled to recently receive the following question from a fellow Logos user: Very often hymns are based […]