Use the Sermon Starter Guide for a Topical Study

Recently, I had a Bible study leader contact me with the following scenario: Sometimes I want to teach a topical lesson, but I’m not sure which verses in the Bible discuss the subject. Is there a straightforward way, in the software, to discover relevant verses? Excellent question. And the answer is, Yes!, several times over. […]

Use the Concordance to Discover Themes in a Biblical Book

The subject of today’s blog I owe to a pastor-teacher, seasoned Logos user, Camp Logos alumnus, and especially my friend, Dr. Robert Dean.  Allow me to set it up for you. Before doing detailed exegesis of passages in a biblical book, it’s a good idea to get a bird’s eye view of the book. We […]

Instantly Create a Large Print Library

Often times it’s the little things that mean a lot. And the older I get, the more appreciative I am of a little thing in Logos that makes a big impact. With the click of a mouse we can have an instant large print library! This feature has been around a while, but with a […]

Tips for Reading Logos Resources

Even though we’re well into the digital and e-book age, I often still hear Logos users comment they prefer reading from print volumes when covering a large number of pages. I certainly can identity. There’s just something about the feel of the printed page. I have discovered, however, I can quickly and effectively cover a […]