Shortcut to Text Comparison

According to Luke 2:22, a few weeks after Jesus’ birth, Joseph and Mary presented Him at the temple according to the Law of Moses. While there, Simeon uttered some very profound words regarding Jesus. Then Luke 2:33 states: And His Father and mother were amazed at the things which were being said about Him (NASB). […]

Inn or Guest Room?

In last week’s blog I referenced the Faithlife video, How Accurate Is the Modern Nativity Scene?, in which the teacher said the word translated inn in Luke 2:7 also referenced the upper room where Jesus and the apostles celebrated the Passover. How did he discover that information? In Logos there are certainly numerous ways to […]

Was Jesus Born in a Barn?

Christmas of course is a wonderful time of the year as we focus on and celebrate the birth of our Lord. Sometimes, however, if we’re not careful, Christmas cards and carols offer a version of the nativity scene that may or may not be in Scripture. For example, track these “facts” down in the Bible: […]