Table of Contents for the Factbook

During a recent Camp Logos while I was instructing about the Factbook, someone asked: Is there a table of contents for the Factbook so I’ll know all of the available articles for a given subject? I answered, No. And yes. Since the Factbook is technically not a book or resource, there’s not a typical table of […]

Shortcuts to a Passage List

In regards to a recent Logos blog, someone recently asked a question about saving verses from a Guide to a Passage List. The question reminded me about numerous shortcuts for getting verses into a Passage List document. If you frequently use Passage Lists, then you may enjoy some of these shortcuts: From a Guide Choose […]

Find All Mentions of a Biblical Event

I was recently reading in Genesis 12 where the Lord calls Abram to leave his homeland and travel to a God-appointed location. Obviously this event is recorded in Genesis 12, but I was curious as to where else it may be mentioned in Scripture. So this is what I did: Open a Bible containing the […]

Locate Original Words Behind English Words

In a recent blog, guest blogger Dr. Andy Naselli, during his discussion of conscience, stated the Greek word for conscience appears 30 times in the New Testament. How can we locate those 30 occurrences and execute the examination of them as Dr. Naselli instructed? If we know one of the instances we can easily perform […]