Quickly Find an OT Source for a NT Verse

I’m currently assisting a young preacher with his sermon on Matthew 5:43-48. The passage begins like others before it with the phrase, You have heard that it was said, followed by what specifically was said, You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy (ESV). This of course begs the question, Was this an accurate […]

Copy Bible Search Results to a Note File

Recently, a Logos user emailed the following scenario to me: I executed a Bible Search. How do I copy / paste all of the verses, which appear in the search results, into a note file? Excellent question! To discover a solution let’s carefully walk through a specific example: Open a Notes document (A) Make sure […]

Quickly Move Through Search Hits

After executing a Basic Search, you may find yourself with a lot of results from one resource. For example, imagine studying Colossians 1:19 where you come across the phrase fullness of God. So you decide to investigate this phrase throughout your whole library. Here’s a little tip to help you quickly move through the search […]

Highlight Text in one Bible and See It in Others

I recently blogged about highlighting and note files which generated a few questions like this: How can I highlight text in one Bible and have those highlights show up in other Bibles? Until recently that ability didn’t exist, but you’ll be happy to know it’s currently available to Logos Now subscribers and will be present […]

Find Birds in the Bible with Bible Sense Lexicon

I recently officiated the funeral service of my aunt who lived a long, fruitful life. She thoroughly enjoyed bird watching so I wanted to include in my remarks several biblical passages about birds. Knowing both the Old and New Testaments mention various types of birds, I wanted to execute a search that would find all […]