Finding Christmas Verses in the Old Testament

In keeping with our Christmas theme, let’s talk about Old Testament quotes in the New Testament. We don’t have to read far in the Christmas story in Matthew or Luke before we see phrases like through the prophet or spoken by the prophet. Even if such a phrase doesn’t appear, the New Testament writers often […]

Do Angels Sing?

Since the Advent season is upon us, I’m going to devote the next several blogs to Christmas themes. To kick it off, let’s talk about what angels do. My favorite Christmas hymn is Hark the Herald Angels Sing so a good while back I decided to find all the verses in the Bible about angels singing. Here’s […]

Highlighting vs Visual Filters

Over the past few weeks I have received basically the same question from several Logos users so I thought I’d address it here today. It goes something like this: When I highlight words in a Bible, how do I get the same text highlighted in other Bibles? To answer the question we need to understand […]

Create a Scripture Memory List

A Logos user recently submitted this question to me: I own the Logos edition of Robert Morgan’s book 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart. How can I get these verses into a Passage List so I can use the Scripture memory feature with them? This is an excellent question, which requires a small […]