Italicized Idioms in the Interlinear Pane

I often say Logos Bible Software is like a giant onion from which we can continue to peel layer after layer revealing more of the substance. Logos truly is a gift that keeps on giving. Today, I’ll explain a small feature – so small in fact you may have never noticed it. It’s the italicized […]

Read the Bible with the Morphology Pop-Up

I’ve been a Logos Bible Software evangelist and cheerleader since 1997. One of the many reasons I’m so passionate about Logos is because it brings greater insights from the Hebrew and Greek languages to English students. Features like the Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study, and Information all place original language facts right at our finger […]

Study a Book in the Bible

I recently received this question from a Logos user: To do a passage study, we can use the Passage Guide. Is there something similar for a book study? What tools/feature should I use for effective book study? I was happy to respond that Logos has tucked away inside the Factbook a feature called Bible Book […]

Create Review Materials with Favorites

A Camp Logos alumnus recently emailed this question in reference to the Camp Logos 1 and 2 video resources: As I go through and watch your videos from Camp Logos, is there a way for me to “star” or “tag” one that is particularly interesting to me so that I will know to go back […]