Find Verses with All Persons in the Trinity

One of my favorite books in the Bible is Ephesians which I was recently rereading and came again to the wonderful verse of 2:18 which reads in the NASB: for through Him we both have our access in one Spirit to the Father. I noticed all three persons in the trinity are mentioned: Father, Son, […]

Locate Identification with Christ Phrases

I remember years ago as a young believer hearing about the doctrine of our identification with Christ. Learning about the truth of being “in Jesus” radically changed my understanding of the Christian life. I discovered this doctrine is paramount in Paul’s writings. I also observed Paul used various phrases to describe this relationship including: in […]

Locating Jesus’ Commands

We are told, in Matthew 28:20, that part of discipleship is obeying all of Jesus’ commandments. The logical question then is, What did Jesus command? And a follow up inquiry would be How can we locate the commands of Christ in Scripture? Since the makers of Logos Bible Software have carefully tagged Scripture, we can […]

Save Time with Gestures

Tucked away inside of Logos Bible Software are all sorts of shortcuts and power user tricks, not the least of which are gestures. A gesture is a mouse movement while the right button is pressed resulting in an action on the screen. For example, you can toggle on/off a resource’s table of contents, start/stop read […]