Open Atlas for Biblical Events

When we study words and events in Scripture, we need to study them within their original context. This doesn’t just mean reading verses before and after our passage, it also means interpreting the words in light of the world in which they were written. This world includes the historical, cultural, and yes, even geographical contexts. […]

Search Original Languages with Clause Search

One of my favorite verses is Mark 1:35 which states in the NASB: In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. As a little aside, compare this verse to Isaiah 50:4 for unique insights into Jesus’ quiet […]

Automatic Text Selection

As you well know before you can copy text, highlight text, search a phrase, etc. the text has to be selected by holding down the mouse and moving the cursor over the appropriate text. You may have noticed, by default, in Logos the program tries to anticipate what you want to select and then automatically […]

Camp Logos 2 Video Resource on Pre-Pub

For nearly twenty years I’ve had the privilege of equipping Logos users like yourself how to get the most out of the software. One of my favorite things to teach is my personal system for organizing the many resources in the library. As you’ve probably already discovered, it doesn’t take long to amass 2000, 3000, […]

Bible Search Results at a Glance

I remember years ago as a young Bible student reading that John, the beloved disciple, used the word love more than other New Testament writers. Back then of course it was difficult at best to verify that claim. I just relied on input from trusted authors. Now with Logos, however, substantiating most any biblical claim […]

Copy Feature in the Factbook

As I equip Logos users at Camp Logos with the powerful Factbook, a common question is: How can I copy the data from the Factbook to a word processor or Notes document within Logos? The answer just became incredibly simple with the recent release of Logos 6.4 as a new Copy feature is now available […]